September - November 2013

We have dedicated a considerable time to the solution regarding the issue of the OAE FORUM. We have received numerous responses regarding the usefulness of a FORUM , considering that the majority of visitors can access the various communications channels of the Portal easily. A lot of users have suggested to eliminate the FORUM , due to the high levels of Spam, and to focus only on a communication between users and members of the OAE Portal. My personal opinion is that the FORUM provides a service, even when the user has resolved the issues he has been troubled with. That is, that experience can be shared with others facing similar problems. The majority of the Portal editorial board agreed to follow this direction.

In the last few months we have laid the design foundations for the FORUM, and from this month you can find a FRESH new Forum under the appropriate MENU. There is a problem though, we cannot transfer efficiently the old messages because the OLD and the NEW software structures are not compatible. So the obvious solution , at least for the next 6 months, is to have access to the OLD Forum . In addition we are considering the task of importing the messages from a generic email account , so that new users can utilize the information presented.


   We will do some experiments this month and we hope that you can provide some feedback.