April - May 2013


We have dedicated a considerable time to the solution regarding the issue of the OAE FORUM. We have received numerous responses regarding the usefulness of a FORUM , considering that the majority of visitors can access the various communications channels of the Portal easily. A lot of users have suggested to eliminate the FORUM , due to the high levels of Spam, and to focus only on a communication between users and members of the OAE Portal. My personal opinion is that the FORUM provides a service, even when the user has resolved the issues he has been troubled with. That is, that experience can be shared with others facing similar problems. The majority of the Portal editorial board agreed to follow this direction. So for the next few months we will be trying to implement a FORUM that is free of SPAM .

This month with the guest-editorial we present the work of Dr. Mark Krumm on the important issue of  TeleHeath (Editorial April-September 2013: Pediatric Applications of Tele-Health technology and evoked otoacoustic emissions). A companion white paper on the same topic, by  will be published in May 2013.  Dr. Krumm has also promised us a video showing how the technology behaves. The streaming version of the video will be on-line next month as well.