25/01/2018 : Updates on the "Advances on Audiology book"

The book "Advances in Audiology, Speech Pathology and Hearing Science" is an attempt to move teaching and learning to a new level, which we call 2.0. The idea of the book editors (Hatzopoulos, Ciorba & Krumm) is to supply not only the latest information in their field, but to provide a multimedia liaison of their material. In other words within the chapters there will be available multimedia links which will facilitate the comprehension of the material.

As it was announced in 2017, the OAE Portal will be used as a reservoir of this multimedia content, where possible (of not copyrighted material). The book is in its latest editorial phase, it has been divided into two volumes and unfortunately, a 40% of the submitted multimedia links reside within Youtube. It is still unknown ( copyright issues)  if these links can be placed within a container in the OAE Portal.