01/02/2018 : New HEAL Conference at Lake Como, Italy

There are news about the new HEAL (HEaring Across the Lifespan) Conference: According to the organizer Ferdinando Grandori 


"The HEAL Conferences, known also as the Lake Como Conferences, have become the place where a broad community investigating all components of hearing care across the lifespan can work together to merge contemporary research findings with cutting-edge clinical practice.

Across the years, participation of some 500 to 600+ delegates representing some 50 to 60+ different countries, about 300 to 350+ selected presentations (oral communications and Posters), Round Tables, Satellite Events, together with vibrant discussions among participants, have made these meetings a great event, paralleling the increasing demands of this ever-growing field.

 Presentations cover a perfect mix of topics and include (but are not limited to) basic research on mechanisms of hearing and hearing dysfunction, technological development in diagnosis, advances in hearing devices and instrumentation, medical issues related to programs implementation and patient management, psychosocial effects, causal pathways between hearing loss and cognitive decline/dementia, as well as clinical decision making, protocols and models, quality assurance, parents and public health perspectives and the most advanced e-Health applications to almost all areas of Audiology and Hearing care."

Additional information can be found at the HEAL 2018 website.