24/10/2017 : New multimedia contents related to AAP Book

From the Editor: I am privileged to edit with Drs Andrea Ciorba and Mark Krumm ( associate editors) a new book titled "Advances in Audiology, Speech Pathology, and Hearing Science". The book will be published in 2018 by American publisher Apple Academic Press (AAP). The book describes the latest advances in the three disciplines mentioned and its novel features include not only numerous images BUT links to multimedia elements,  found either at the youtube site or in this Portal !! As the saying goes " a picture is a 1000 words" .. you can imagine what a multimedia element of an animation or of a video, could convey !! 

We are working on an update of the Portal's structure which will facilitate the access to these elements which will contribute to a higher comprehension of the presented book material.

Additional posts on this topic should appear as early as December 2017.