The OAE Hardware pages were updated with recent material from Interacoustics. Software improvements in a number of programs are reported below:

EP15/EP25 v. 3.03 released on 1/2-2007
* VEMP is now available for the ECLIPSE platform, either as a stand alone system or as part of the EP15 or EP25 system.
* All ECLIPSEs and those MedPCs holding a USB driven board can be upgraded to hold the EP25 version 3.03 which has the option to add a VEMP license.

ABRIS v. 1.05 released on 3/5-2007
* The ABRIS module has been translated to German.

DPOAE v. 1.02 released on 3/5-2007

* The DPOAE module has been translated to German.
* Improved pass criterion, variance and sideband check
* An extra decimal has been added to DP and noise result in order to get a higher degree of accuracy.
* Improved printout: The f1 frequency colon has been removed and a S/N level calculation added instead.

TEOAE25 v. 3.04 released on 4/10-2007

* Fixes a few minor bugs

Interacoustics ASSR v. 1.01 released on 8/5-2007

* Fixed a minor bug in the calibration application setup