Principal Applications of OAEs in Biophysical Research

  • Detection (and identification) of the alterations in the cochlear functionality. Possible applications are the monitoring of the cochlear function after an exposure to industrial, continous or impulsive noise.
  • Monitoring of the cochlear stress (ototoxic effects) caused by the administration of antineoplastic drugs (cisplatin, carboplatin), and aminoglycoside antibiotics etc.
  • Monitoring of the cochlear stress induced by any potentially-ototoxic agent (ie industrial solvents).
  • New Models of the cochlear signal processing which might lead to new areas of clinical applications.

        It should be noted that at present the majority of projects (which receive national funding) are focusing more on research regarding inner ear and gaglion-neurons oto-protection molecules, and less on the study / identification of cochlear stress.