OAE Links


General Links

  • American Academy of Audiology (AAA)

  • Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO). In the ARO site it is possible to search for OAE-related work presented in the ARO meetings the last ten years. 

  • American Speech - Language Association (ASHA)

  • The Amplifon Center for Research and Studies (CRS). In the CRS site you can find interesting compilations of recent Audiological articles, lists of audiological sites etc 

  • Karolinska Institute library 

  • NATASHA (Network and Tools for the Assessment of Speech/Language and Hearing Ability)

  • The Promenade 'round the cochlea by Remý Pujol et al . The site is a state of the art  reference for students and teachers of cochlear anatomy and physiology. One of the very few international sites where material is presented in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


Specific Links 

     The evaluation of every site was conducted according to two criteria: (1) amount of information useful to a wider public (i.e not too much emphasis on personal activities) ; and (2) esthetics and organization. Sites employing later INTERNET technologies (i.e. easy-navigation tools, interesting graphics) were rated higher.


Just visit the site
  Site with some interesting features
   Site with many interesting features
    Very interesting site
         State of the Art. Point of reference

Last Visited

Auditory biophysics laboratory
 at Purdue University. Small amount of OAE information.

  December  2012
 Cochlear biophysics laboratory
, Boston University : Very good site for information related to cochlear processes, cochlear mechanics and computer-basaed auditory models but there is little information on OAEs.


December 2012 

European Concerted Action AHEAD-II, for information on activities on neonatal hearing screening and related technologies. The project is not active from the end of 2004. The AHEAD-II group is also responsible for the NHS series of conventions and the presentations of each year can be still found on-line : Have a look at www.nhs2004.polimi.it and www.nhs2006.polimi.it

      Reports on the status of local / regional / state NHS or EHDI programs around the globe can be found in the report pages of the newly formed International Group of Chilhood Hearing

December 2012

Laboratory of Otoacoustic Emissions
, University of Ferrara, Italy. Most of the information of that site has been transferred to the Italian and English sections of this OAE Portal. 

August 2007

Marion Downs National Center for Infant Hearing , University of Colorado.


December 2012 

National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management
 , Utah State University. The NCHAM site remains as the best resource on neonatal hearing screening activities. The site has been recently re-structured to include a new bulletin-board (FORUM). 

  December 2012
 The Otodynamics home page. The scientific (not commercial) information on OAEs is the same as it was two years ago. From 2012 Otodynamics has started a FORUM section as well, which can be another useful resource. 

  December 2012

General Interest sites ,  documents and Links on Cochlear Mechanics (with OAE material)


Editor's Note: The links in the previous section have been initially identified by using the search engine of Google. Unfortunatelly By 2007 the majority of these sites provide only static and not-upgraded information with very few exceptions. For this reason and starting this year we intend to include a HTML file containing the first 100 hits of a global OAE search in Google.

      OAE search- file   August-2007 . 


  • An excellent group of discussion FORUMs with numerous references to OAEs is the Auditory Models site, maintained by Jont Allen .