In our effort to maintain uninterrupted the services of the OAE Portal and the annual multimedia publications on OAE material, we are seeking external sponsors.    What we propose to each OAE equipment or software manufacturer is to PLACE their company's logo in our pages, which remains always visible to the user, in exchange for a minimum sponsoring amount we have defined for this year.

In the scheme we are proposing, we are offering the possibility to built up several custom-made pages (called sponsored pages) for the products of each manufacturer , bearing the design style of the OAE Portal. Additional pages can be also be constructed for an additional amount of € 500 . The pages can contain detailed information on the presented products, but they cannot express subjective views such as " the best product", " the most advanced solution in the market" etc. For such marketing policies links to the manufacturer web pages will be also provided.     

If you are interested in sponsoring us, you might find interesting the following of recorded access activities of the Portal pages :

  OAE Portal activity in 2010

  OAE Portal activity in 2013

  OAE Portal activity in 2014 

  OAE Portal activity in 2015

From the end of 2012 the traffic of the Portal is monitored by Google Analytics in order to provide in depth-analyses to interested sponsoring parties.

All sponsoring acts will be considered research donations. For further information on any sponsoring acts, you may contact the Web-editor.