Clinical Applications of OAEs

Auditory Neuropathy: 20 Questions and answers

by By Linda Hood Ph.D. Kresge Hearing Research Laboratory of the South LSUHSC, New Orleans, LA. (1998).

Comparison of TEOAE Recording Protocols

by Stavros hatzopoulos Ph.D (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000), A. Martini

Subjective tinnitus and contralateral suppression of otoacoustic emissions

by M. Riga, A Komis, P. Maragkoudakis, G. Korres, V. Danielides (2016)

TEOAE Recording Protocols Revised. Data from adult subjects

by Stavros Hatzopoulos, Joe Petrucelli, Thierry Morlet and Alessandro Martini

Use of Otoacoustic Emissions in Elementary Schools

by Michele Cramer, Beverly Ray, and Thierry Morlet

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