We great pleasure we welcome to the sponsors of the OAE Portal the Institute of Physiology and Pathology in Warsaw, Poland. The Institute is a state of the art organization responsible for new methodologies in the area of Cochlear Implants and Neonatal / Children hearing screening. Within 2013 the staff of the Institute will generously contribute a number of white papers in the areas where they excel.


The sections of OAE software and hardware were updated.



We have received a number of messages regarding the fact that some links in the OAE Portal do not appear to work. This is caused by the fact that NOT all the material has been transfered to the new platform. When we finish translocating  a section, THEN we  control the links and we update them accordingly. Everything should be in order by the end of March 2013 , mid-April the latest.



The Recent Articles category was updated with the latest 100 articles ( Recent Articles: 2013, Volume 1) of 2012-2013

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This is a link to the contents of the static OAE Portal in the form it had up to 2012. Be aware that many links do not function anymore , specially in the Lectures and Powerpoint presentations. For those you need to access the current OAE Portal pages. If you cannot find some material in the present Portal and CANNOT download it from the old site, PLEASE let us know


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