The section of Cochlear implants was updated with the MEDLINE pages on NHS and CIs. The pages will be updated twice per year to capture the latest technological trends and their connection to UNHS.

Special BRI Issue on NHS

We would like to announce that three Portal Editors (Hatzopoulos, Morlet, Jedrzejczak) will be involved in the editing of a special issue on NHS (technologies, practices etc) for the open-access Biomed Research International journal (impact factor 2.88) . The deadline for submission is set for December 20th, 2013.

Topics include :

  • Evaluation of automated TE/DP/ABR NHS devices
  • Evaluation and development of new signal processing algorithms for TEOAE/DPOAE/ABR/ASSR signal extraction
  • Development of new AOAE/AABR  protocols
  • Development and evaluation of alternative technologies in NHS (such as ASSR)
  • Assessing the hearing of infants from various groups (well-babies, intensive care unit residents, and specific groups presenting genetic or nongenetic hearing deficits)
  • Maturation of the auditory system and NHS outcomes
  • New data on auditory dyssynchrony and NHS protocols outcomes
  • Development and evaluation of new intervention policies (updated EDHI programs)
  • NHS and late-onset hearing loss
  • Cost-effectiveness of NHS
  • Development and evaluation of patient tracking NHS software
  • Functional and genetic hearing screening


We invite the Portal visitors  to send papers describing developments in NHS in terms of norms, technologies, and early hearing detection and intervention (EHDI) strategies. We are particularly interested in papers describing the possible next step in NHS using new approaches such as the auditory steady-state responses.

For additional informational on how to submit an article for the special issue on NHS,  please visit the BRI special issue announcement page.

In addition, articles which might not be accepted for the special issue will be  (1) re-reviewed by the Portal editorial Board for a possible inclusion as white papers ; and (2) alternative solutions (i.e. submission to other impact factor journals) will be offered to the authors.


The Cochlear Implant section , was updated with pages dedicated to the strategies after Neonatal Screening.



This month's editorial on Tele-Audiology has been updated with two video links generously created by Dr. Krumm. The examples cover both sides of the transmission (from the clinic / tester side or from the patient side). The videos can be assessed from here :

From the clinic or tester side :

From the patient/assistant site:



The Future Highlights Section has been re-edited and updated