The highlights section was updated with the latest material in the sections of Reports and Powerpoint presentations.


The OAE books section was updated with a new entry signaled by its author Dr. Manley. Amazon offers the book with a very good price and also in the Kindle format. This means that students & educators  can access this book with their tablets.

Updating of the White Papers and Powerpoint presentations

From January 04-31 the contents of the White Papers and On-line Powerpoint presentations might NOT be available due to a general content update. Similar updates have been planned for the OAE Articles & Medline  section.


Our sponsor Mercury has informed us that GN-Otometrics has released a new version of its clinical OAE platform Capella. The new product is called Capella2 and it is the collaboration result between the American IHS (Intelligent Hearing systems) and GN-otometrics, with a major emphasis on the OAE user interface .

Additional  information about the product can be found in this You-Tube video and in the GN-Otometrics website.


From the Editor :

My impressions from the last meetings I have attended in 2012/2013, is that OAE technology has arrived at a still point (plateau). I believe this is the direct consequence of using OAEs exclusively to -partially- screen infants (I am trying to be  a bit provocative here ...) . The OAE technology has not evolved in consumer terms,  despite considerable developments in signal processing, algorithm design, electronics etc. Border line changes arrive at the consumer .. mainly as a re-elaboration of previously developed OAE technologies .

I have been asked many times .. What I would like to see in the next generation of OAE equipment .. and I turn this question to the vaster OAE community  .. asking you to tell us your opinion. So please visit the OAE Portal FORUM  and feel free to express what the future should be like !!!!

Please remember to register in the  FORUM .. otherwise  .. you will not be able to share your thoughts  !!!