12/03/2014 : Additional info on the Partial Deafness Treatment

The On-line lectures section was updated with a contribution on Partial Deafness Treatment by Arthur Lorenz and Henryk Skarzynski.  The file is presented in a powerpoint format (pdf file). Due to the large dimension of the file (11.2 MB), some download delays might be experienced.

03/03/2014: Regarding FORUM posting

We have received a number of questions regarding "Freezing" actions on posts from various users. From January 01, 2014 we have established a new set of rules with the objective to protect the OAE Portal from spamming. In the past the FORUM addresses have been captured by various  INTERNET fishing programs and as a result many sections were saturated with advertisements and other irrelevant information.

In order to block these actions we have introduced a small delay in the FORUM posting procedure. First, the sender has to be approved and then the argument he/she submits has to be evaluated and approved as well. This takes about 24-36 hours , after which a post is visible in the FORUM.

The details on how to post an argument are presented here .

19/02/2014 : 2013 Portal Statistics

The data from Google Analytics are in,  regarding the OAE Portal activity in 2013. There is a light decrease of accesses per month (5300) probably due due to the fact that the sections with the powerpoint lectures and white paper were available in the old site , for which we don't have tracking statistics.

The accesses from the Americas still display the highest ranking with 41.38% , followed by European accesses with 30.98% . There is a rather strong increase in the accesses from Asia (19.94 %), a number tripled over the last 2 years. 

Comparison data can be found in the sponsoring pages of the Portal.


The Cochlear Implant section (under Neonatal Screening)  was updated with a contribution by Henryk Skarzynski and Artur Lorenz on the treatment of Partial Deafness. Additional and more detailed material on this topic will be presented in March 2014, in the form of a powerpoint presentation.


The white paper section was updated with a contribution from Dale Lisonbee MS, CCCA titled "Performing Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions Using Synchronous Telehealth Services: Hardware, Software and Personnel Considerations". The paper is a companion to the April-October 2013, editorial on Tele-Health technology by Dr. Mark Krumm.

         Dale graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders from Utah State University in 1988 and received his Masters of Science degree in Communicative Disorders from Utah State University in 1990. He is a Doctoral Candidate at Kent State University with areas of interestincluding telehealth, pediatric electrophysiology, and educational audiology. Dale worked as an educational audiologist for an Education Service District in Coos Bay Oregon for eight years working with children birth to twenty-one in regular school districts and early intervention. He then became an educational audiologist for Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind. He worked there until coming to Kent to complete his PhD. He works as a preceptor at the KSU speech and hearing clinic and teaches Preparation for Clinical Audiology.