New Rules of the Forum

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The last two weeks we have noticed that we had had four cases of SPAM in the OAE Forum. The reasons for SPAM are beyond our understanding. With the initial FORUM setup it was impossible to create topics automatically (by spamming spiders, spamming robots etc) and we had tried to resolve the problems we had in the old Forum. A spamming message requires a manual insertion .. and despite this in 4 cases someone took time to insert spamming messages. The objectives can be multiple .. but we would like to stop here.

We have established two NEW RULES for the OAE Forum. These introduce a small delay in posting a message , but  they constitute a safe measure to avoid spam. To post or reply to any message a USER has to register . The registration has to be  be approved by the Forum administrators. Once this happens the USER is active and can post or reply to a message.  The post will be assigned as pending and will be available to the Forum once it is approved. In simulations we have seen that it takes less than 24 hours for a post to appear.