January 2013


The first trimester of this year will be dedicated to the fine-tuning of  the material in the OAE Portal, with a specific emphasis in the area of OAE hardware and neonatal hearing screening (fourth generation devices).

The material on PowerPoint presentations and White papers will be gradually updated. For the latter we have set April 15, 2013 as the final deadline date. My collaborators have assured me that we will be able to have everything on-line prior to this date, but again the revision process might cause some un-expected delays. 

We are still facing problems with the OAE Forum. The last year we have seen a dramatic increase in SPAM messages and the solutions at hand are two-fold: Or to increase the complexity of how to post in the FORUM ; Or close the FORUM from any more posting and handle the various requests with the Editorial Board Team. If you have a comment please let US know about it. 


Finally, I hope that 2013 will be  a year where we can surpass & resolve the majority of  global economic problems which unfortunately condition research and eduacation.