Italian Authoring Activities: An Introduction


 Have you ever wondered what is the Italian Authoring Contribution to the field of Otoacoustic Emissions? We have... and we have conducted a MEDLINE search using as keys the terms "otoacoustic emissions", "TEOAE" and "DPOAE". The MEDLINE results indicate international publications (English, German, French) and articles which appeared in ACTA ITALICA. The articles have been identified by the name of the first author and we have excluded from the list articles for which no abstracts were available i.e. commentaries, discussions, letters.NOTE: In case that you discover an error in the activity of your group please  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  us:



Total Number of Articles = 2926

(date of reference : Up to 7 December 2007)

Articles from Italian Authors
122 (4.16%)
Journal # of papers
ACTA Italica / other Italian 19
ACTA Pediatrica 1
Am J Physiol 1
Am J Otol 1
Ann NY Acad Sciences 1
Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 1
Audiology 10
Audiology and Neurootology 1
British Journal Audiology 8
Diabetes care 1
Ear and Hearing 1
European Archives of Otorhinol 3
French articles 6
German articles 2
Hearing Research 12
IEEE T. Bio-med Eng 4
International Journal of Audiology 3
J Acoustical Soc. America 10
J Applied Physiology 3
J Pediatric ORL 1
Laryngoscope 1
Metabolism 1
Scandinavian Audiology 8
Technology and Health Care 2
Various Journals of Biomedical Enginnering & Technology 3
Various Journals of Opthalmology 3


      We have tried also to estimate the contribution of each Italian working group. By clicking the name of each group you may see a list of publications which are MEDLINE enabled , that is by clicking on the name of the author you may see the abstract of the paper. Since the impact factor of the English-speaking journals is very different than those of the other languanges we have separated the contributions also by languange. Some errors might be present in this list so  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The active OAE groups are presented in alphabetical order, in terms of the city where the group resides.

Editor's Note:For papers where more than one Italian group was involved, credit has been given to all participant groups.


Name of the Group Total # English French 
Bari/Parma, Clinic of ENT 9 6 0 3
Ferrara, Department of Audiology 25 22 0 2
Milano, Ing. Biomed 29 27 0 0
Milano, ENT dept 3 3 0 0
Napoli, Dept. of Gerontology 1 1 0 0
Padova, Clinic of ENT 1 0 0 1
Perugia, Clinic of ENT 18 4 8 6
Roma, ENT Institute, Catholic Univ. 4 4 0 0
Roma, Italian AirForce Dept. 4 4 0 0
Roma, Biochemical Sciences and CISB, Univ. La Sapienza 3 3 0 0
Roma, Clinic of ENT, Univ. La Sapienza 4 2 0 0
Roma, 2nd Clinic of ENT, Univ. La Sapienza 12 7 0 3
Roma, ISPESL 9 9 0 0
Torino, Clinic of ENT 1 0 0 1