Journal of Hearing Science


The journal of Hearing Science (JoHS) is an open access journal and it is dedicated to current peer-reviewed scientific research in all areas of Otolaryngology, Audiology, ENT (ear nose throat), Phoniatrics, and Rhinology. Its primary mission is to offer an international forum for professionals; a secondary aim is to assist hearing practitioners by providing important knowledge helpful to patients with hearing, voice, speech, and balance disorders.

JoHS is issued on continuous basis as a primary on-line electronic journal. The journal is an open access publication which allows all readers around the world free access to articles. Moreover, there are no publication fees or page charges. Before acceptance for publication, each manuscript is subject to critical review by leading authorities in the field.

JoHS has a distinguished International Advisory Board and an impressive Editorial Board. Their high academic standing ensures that the journal produces multidisciplinary papers of the highest quality. The broad international membership promotes fair and thorough assessment.